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Avicenna International medical University is registered with the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of education and ministry of health of Kyrgyz Republic at the address Shabdanbatirova 74, Bishkek City, Kyrgyz Republic bearing License in higher professional education.

The higher institution is meant for training qualified specialists in medical sphere both for Kyrgyz Republic and other countries of the world including Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Nigeria, America, Turkey, and Egypt… More than 1000 students are studying from these countries.

Our Facilities

High Quality Education

Our Medical Faculty is enriched with highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers with academic, clinical and research expertise to providing quality education.

Affordable Tuition Fee

Tuition Fees of MBBS course both Local as well as foreign students are lower than any other Medical Universities in the country and abroad.

Worldwide Recognized Degree

Our University is officially recognized by WHO. Such students holding medical degree are eligible for screening test in any country of the world.



Study Medicine

The path towards becoming a doctor is long and challenging but one that sees no shortage of takers. It is a selfless calling, dedicated to the service of others and yet, is one of the most personally fulfilling career options to embark on.

To take up medicine, you need good grades coupled with total commitment to stay on the course. Hence, it is important that the decision to be a doctor is yours, not your parents’ or anyone else’s.

Our Medical Faculty is enriched with highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers with academic, clinical and research expertise. This College has been established with a view to providing quality education and research opportunities to teachers as well as students. Being an institution equipped with enough facilities and intended to be the best one of its kind, AIMU aims at excellence, integrity, transparency, and accountability.

What Students Say



Best University for Doctor of Medicine!

It was a dream come true when I Entered Avicenna International Medical University. Teachers are very friendly and make classes very interesting. Continuous assessments always keeps us on our toes.

Sehar khokhar

Extremely Supportive Environment!

AIMU providing an extremely supportive environment for me to study MBBS. I believe their support and commitment to high quality medical education will play an integral role in my development and progress as a physician.

Naimur Rahman Ridoy

Highly Qualified Teachers!

I chose AIMU to study medicine because it is one of the top ranked medical universities in Kyrgyzstan. AIMU offers expert, highly qualified lecturers so I felt confident that going to AIMU would offer an enriched experience in studying medicine.