The campus of Avicenna International Medical University is extended over an area of 3 acres (approx.) of land situated in the beautiful, calm and quiet, and well communicated location of Bishkek city. Academic building will have adequate facilities to teach the students with its spacious lecture halls, well equipped laboratories, sufficient number of tutorial room for small groups, discussion room and a well-built dissection hall, resourceful library with computer & internet facilities, students’ common room and cafeteria.

Faculty is enriched with highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers with academic, clinical and research expertise. This College has been established with a view to providing quality education and research opportunities to teachers as well as students. Being an institution equipped with enough facilities and intended to be the best one of its kind, AIMU aims at excellence, integrity, transparency, and accountability.

In this age of globalization since a College is better known for cultivation of knowledge and research activities, AIMU has decided to make the research work obligatory for both the teachers and students alike. Seminars and workshops are integral to College curriculum. We arrange them on weekly and regular basis and the participants include students, teachers and sometimes eminent scholars from both home and abroad.

Tuition Fees of MBBS course both Local as well as foreign students are lower than any other Medical Universities in the country and abroad.

Students are exposing to patients in indoor, outdoor and emergency department as a part of their regular clinical teaching and learning process. This allows students an opportunity to practice communication, interviewing and data gathering skills, as well as physical examination and patient assessment techniques in rural and urban population.

Every students from the first year are assigned to a particular teacher for mentoring. The mentor monitors the selected student up to final year and help him/her to overcome the academic or others problems even some extent of personal also.

Near about 50% of the students in AIMU are foreigners from different countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Russia, USA, Australia, Ukraine and Nepal. So Admission in AIMU facilitates opportunity to expose the students in multiple cultural environment which enriches their knowledge and experience.

Efficient administration of Avicenna International Medical University is capable of solving problems quickly and effectively. The Board of Directors, Governing Body, Academic Council, Disciplinary Committee and Departmental Heads take care of administrative and academic affairs. The top administrative team of BMC consists of some exceptionally talented personalities with national and international recognition.

Avicenna International Medical University has excellent hostel facilities for foreign students. AIMU hostels offer clean, safe and furnished accommodation for its students. The hostels are located adjacent to the University campus within walking distance supervised by a hostel superintendent.

AIMU has a separate office and foreign student coordinator to provide essential services as adequately to the future and present foreign students. Major services are: make available sufficient information regarding admission process; to provide pre-arrival information; reception of every new student by AIMU official representative at the first entry point (Airport) in Kyrgyzstan and provide all sorts of supports to settle in AIMU campus especially regarding accommodation, orientation and Immigration formalities. Foreign students’ office always ready to provide all sorts of services needed by the foreign students as and when required.

If it is identified that few students are not getting marks up to satisfactory level, AIMU faculty members support them, especially to improve their performance giving them extra counseling hours.

Avicenna International Medical University observes all religious programs and arranges various religious events (iftar party, Miladunnabi, Sarwaswati puja, X-mass, for example) in the campus. It develops a brotherhood among the students and teachers in the campus and outside the campus as well.