Welcome to Avicenna international medical University!

I congratulate you on your successful completion of the entry requirements, and wish you all the best, during your stay with us.

Avicenna international medical University has been our endeavor to direct our vision from future to the unending. And we invite you, and show you its picture in our excellence of delivering in medical fields. We are highly capable and extremely viable in our field as we keep on searching, researching, exploring and collaborating at international education. It maintains harmony, discipline and strictly follows the academic calendar. We are blessed with knowledgeable, dedicated and distinguished academic as well as scientific and student friendly administrative staff. We are committed to preparing our students to work hard and acquire skills helpful for the construction of knowledge societies.

I am here to help you in every matter regarding your stay here in Kyrgyzstan and achieving your goal to become a doctor. I hope that the Institute will live up to your expectations, and you will enjoy being with us.