The Office of Student Affairs supports and complements the mission of the University and its academic programs by creating a comfortable, safe and secure environment that contributes to the success of the students’ educational mission and personal growth. It helps to involve students in the university community by providing appropriate student organizations, activities, publications and opportunities for interaction with faculty, staff and peers outside the classroom.

Office of Student Affairs coordinates all matters concerning Undergraduate Student Council, Student Welfare, Career Guidance, Alumni Affairs, Student Health, Placement, Student Discipline, Residential Halls, Transportation, Student Publication, Student Activities and Sports. Student may approach the Office to resolve issues regarding student affairs and student support services.

The Office of Student Affairs has set up a Help Desk for students to get immediate attention to all their requirements. Students can approach the office for addressing their needs.

Referrals are made to the Office of Registers and Records regarding regulations concerning transfer; to the Accounts Office regarding financial aid issues; to the Career Counselor’s Office regarding career or job placement, by Student Affairs which attends to all student activities, discipline issues, university policy and others.

The Office of Student Affairs oversees all departments catering to various student services and serves as an advocate for students in the development of University policy. The Office is also responsible for dealing with violations of the University code of conduct.