The length of study for students may depend on their level of education and their chosen specialty. Usually it is 5 years, for students from India + 1 year of internship.

1. Avicenna K.G. Clinics:
– Bishkek, Bakaev Street, 106;
– Bishkek, Yunusaliev Street, 83;
– Bishkek, Zhukeyev Pudovkin Street, 124;
– Bishkek, Suerkulov Street, 3g;
– Bishkek, Moskovskaya Street, 136.
2. MEDI Clinic Bishkek, Suerkulova Street, 5/3;
National Hospital;
National Center for Maternity and Childhood Protection;
National Surgical Center;
National Center of Oncology and Hematology;
National Center of Cardiology and Therapy named after M. Mirrakhimov;
National Center of Phthisiatry;
Republican Center for Mental Health;
Republican Pathologoanatomic Bureau;
Republican Forensic Medical Examination Center;
Republican Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital;
Kyrgyz National Research Institute of Balneology and Restorative Treatment;
Multidisciplinary Clinical Emergency Hospital in Bishkek;
Bishkek City Children’s Clinical Emergency Hospital;
Chui Regional Center for Tuberculosis Control;
Zhayil Territorial Hospital in Chui Oblast;
Bishkek Emergency Medical Center;
Republican Center of Narcology and Psychiatry;
Family Medicine Center #4, Bishkek, 5;
City Gynecological Hospital No. 1, No. 2, Bishkek;
Dental Polyclinic #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, Bishkek. Bishkek;
City Clinical Hospital No. 1, No. 2, Bishkek;
Chui United Regional Hospital;
Republican Skin and Venereological Dispensary;
Chui Regional Center of Family Medicine;
State Sanitary and Epidemiologic Center; State Sanitary and Epidemiologic Center; and

In accordance with the schedule of the educational process.

In Kyrgyz, English, Russian languages

Yes, with the qualification “Medical doctor”.

At our university, GM classes are taught in English.

Students are accepted after entrance tests. Indian applicants are admitted on the basis of NEET certificate.
The applicant must provide the following documents:
1) Passport;
2) Passport translation;
3) Report card for 12 years of study;
4) NEET Certificate (pass score 541);
5) Certificate transcript;
6) Contract.

Enrollment at Avicenna MMU begins in September, after enrollment. Recruitment is carried out by a recruiting company..